100% cotton, 100% wool,
100% free work

Özgür Kazova (Free Kazova) Textile Cooperative emerged as one of the most precious legacies from the 2013 May-June Taksim Gezi Park resistance and labour struggles. We started on the 27th February 2013 as an occupied factory and then turned into a cooperative – a cooperative that we believe will set the stage for an equal society of workers without masters. We began producing jumpers without masters on the 17th November 2014. Our aim is to join the international freedom struggle to help all solidarist economy organizations and labour resistances.

We too abide to the principles of International Cooperative Alliance (ICA):
  1. Democratic self-management in-between members.
  2. A structure based on open membership and voluntarism.
  3. An economic model based on equal share.
  4. Independent production based on self-management.
  5. Permanent education, training and knowledge sharing.
  6. Co-operation in-between cooperatives.
  7. Solidarity with all social struggles.
Long Live Production Without Masters!




Colours for Aynur

Colours for Muzo

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Adres : Cuma Mah. Hacı Eşref Sok. 3/3 İzi İş Merkezi Kat:4

Tel : +90 (212) 493 37 90

E-mail : patronsuz@gmail.com

December 2014, Özgür Kazova (Free Kazova) Textile Cooperative